Mayor Emanuel's personality can be 'prickly,' but should he become more personable?

A lot has been made of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's personality this past week. But should the mayor really change how he acts?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s personality takes center stage in the news cycle this week.

It started earlier in the week when Chicago Tribune editorial board member Kristen McQueary wrote in a column that Emanuel is a “walking personality disorder.”

Now David Axelrod, a longtime colleague of Emanuel's and the former top adviser to President Bill Clinton, is defending Emanuel's way of leadership. But Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass says that "Mayor Prickly" should try to become more like "Mayor Personable."

Who's right? We've got the lowdown on the comments.

Emanuel is clearly one of the more famous people currently in Illinois, but we picked out ten other famous people who you may not have known were born in Illinois.

We'll give you one of the ten: Walt Disney. Now see if you can guess anyone else on our list of 10 famous people born in Illinois


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