The inventor of the Ferris Wheel was born in downstate Illinois (along with 14 more famous people)

We've got a list of 15 famous people you may not have known were born in downstate Illinois.

Yep, George Ferris (hence the name. When you invent something, you often get to call it after yourself) was born in Galesburg, Ill. and he's one of the 15 famous (or in the case of one, infamous) people who you may not have known were born in Illinois. 

We've got them all covered from country singers to a baseball player to a former world no. 1 tennis player to the town marshal during the shootout at the O.K. Corral. This list is a must-read.

Speaking of must-read, here's another one for you: Illinois is paying to fly birds in from Kansas. 


If something seems fowl there to you, then you're not alone.

State pilots have flown between Illinois and Kansas not once, not twice but 14 times this year taking prairie chickens to downstate Jasper and Marion counties.

Don't lay an egg and miss out on this story.


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