D159 Board Reduces Transportation Director Job, Clarifies Budget

The D159 Board of Education approved changing transportation post from full- to part-time at its Sept. 5 meeting. clarified its replacement fund for the district's maintenance truck at its Sept. 5 meeting.

The Board of Education adjusted the status of the district's director of transportation position and clarified a change to the proposed 2013 budget at its Sept. 5 meeting at .

The board voted 4-2 to approve a motion to change the employment status of Ron Kaczorowski, the district's current director of transportation, from full- to part-time. Board members Katherine Moore and Scott Peters voted against the motion, while Jeff Regan abstained from the vote. Kaczorowski will be honorably dismissed from full-time employment after Oct. 5, and he will be reassigned to his part-time role on Oct. 8.


When asked to explain the decision during public comment by bus driver Ed Rooney, who has a child in D159, Board President Patrick Markham explained that the change was a solution to a discrepancy between the salary and the duties and responsibilities of D159's transportation director. According to Markham, Kaczorowski is currently paid a similar amount to manage 10 bus routes as D210's transportation director, who oversees more than 100 routes.

"When we've got to be as prudent as possible with our tax dollars," Markham said. "I think we ought to pay according to what the job demands, and a new business manager can also take over some of the oversight."

Peters spoke out against the decision to reduce the position to part-time status, claiming that the district's lack of any substitute bus drivers besides Kaczorowski could cause problems.

"With the 10 drivers, the only sub we have being Ron, and with having a new business manager coming on, I honestly think this is poor timing in going to this part-time route," Peters said." I think we're doing ourselves a disservice, and I think once we do get in trouble with not having enough bus drivers, it's really going to come back and bite us."


Another order of business at the meeting was adjusting the budgetary status of the money set aside to replace the district's maintenance truck, which Supt. Steve Stein said was on its last leg. That money will now be part of the Operations and Maintenance Grounds Replacement line-item, rather than the contingency fund.

The board also decided to transfer money from other parts of the budget to create the truck fund, rather than just creating a new $30,000 expenditure that would have increased the district's deficit by an additional $30,000. Instead, the district cut $10,000 from a medical and life insurance fund and saved $22,000 by decreasing the salary of the business manager position from $90,000 to $68,000 . These savings will be combined to create a truck fund of $32,000 in the operations and management budget.


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patrick markham September 08, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Mr. Rooney, If i "misspoke" it again points to need for better financial data needed from Administration. (looking forward to that with new business manager). Here is SALARY: sorry, it is actually higher Transportation Director Total Salary Salary IMRF FICA Medicare Med/Life Total 2007 $43,628.00 $608.89 $2,729.55 $638.31 $608.89 $48,213.64 2008 $45,809.01 $4,674.80 $2,864.79 $670.04 $630.48 $54,649.12 2009 $49,015.63 $5,090.21 $3,063.43 $716.58 $498.00 $58,383.85 2010 $52,447.00 $5,756.14 $3,276.37 $766.24 $553.68 $62,799.43 2011 $53,162.20 $6,366.93 $3,318.67 $776.13 $582.72 $64,206.65 2012 $54,596.84 $6,889.96 $3,428.29 $801.84 $608.88 $66,325.81 Raise 37.57% $18,112.17
patrick markham September 08, 2012 at 02:34 PM
With Regards to 210 Salary. This decision, was discussed for about 9 months. The salary comparison was brought up and we were informed. Dist 843 may be closer to our figures, past director and 843 runs more routes than 210 , Bottom line, if you compare the work , the job, 159 Does 10% of other district in regards to Route Management. Also, 20% of our "busses" broke down in first week of school, after having all summer to get them in tip top shape. I don’t want to bash the Trans Dir. let’s not armchair quarter back a decision of 2/3 majority of the board. My explanation to you was my best attempt to say what I could publicly about this decision without denigrating the Director. If i got , districts 843, 210 mixed up or whatever was discussed over the nine month decision when speaking without notes, as a courtesy to you, don’t bang me up if i got districts 843, 210 mixed up or whatever was discussed over the nine month decision. It was not simply a monetary decision. I don’t want to go into all the considerations, reasons discussed for this decision and more than the majority of the board vote accordingly. Further, it was discussed to have the new business manager take on some of our trans dir duties. If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong
Cathy H. September 08, 2012 at 06:19 PM
I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Please clarify why tax deductions paid by employee out of their salary (IMRF, FICA, Medicare, Med/Life) are added to total. What am I missing? Also, is the 2007 IMRF amount correct? I am seeing that raise is 20%, not 37%. 43628/54596 right? 20% in 6 years still pretty good. online budget states 2013 salary at 54225.
omd September 10, 2012 at 02:41 AM
I Just don't understand what you think the bus drivers are going to do if something happens to one of them. God for bid one of them gets too sick to drive, who's going to be the one getting the children to and from school? Or say a bus breaks down mid-route? Who's going to be there to bring them another bus. I just don't think this issue was thought through too well. There's a lot more Mr. Ron does for the drivers than you know. And for the buses breaking down the first week of school, well all the drivers and the mechanic were there cleaning and checking their buses. All of them were fine. Stuff happens. come on.
REAGANRAISEDTAXES September 10, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Cathy, you're question is extremely valid, and you received a BS answer from Mr. Markham. Maybe the board is trying to save money so Mr. Markham can hire some more of his unemployed cronies.


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