D228 Board Candidate's Ballot Spot Challenged

A candidate contending for a seats on the Bremen 228 Board of Education faces objections to her candidate petition nominations. An Education Officers Electoral Board special meeting will be held Jan. 11 to hear the objections.

The filing date for the April 9 election has passed, and one member of the Bremen District 228 Board of Education faces objections to her candidacy. Current board president, Deb Stearns, will appear before the Education Officers Electoral Board on Friday, Jan. 11.

Stearns, and possibly other Bremen School District 228 Board of Education candidates, will attend a special meeting 9 a.m. Jan. 11, at the district offices. The electoral board will hear the objections to Stearns' candidacy and then determine if she will remain on the ballot.

Stearns is one of six candidates who filed for the April 9, 2013 election. Candidates include:

  • Larry Canning, Tinley Park
  • Evelyn M. Gleason, Midlothian*
  • Leslie Joy Jones, Markham
  • Deborah Stearns, Oak Forest*
  • Java Rogers, Hazel Crest
  • Marc A. Turner, Country Club Hills*

* denotes incumbent candidate

Deb Pahl Stearns January 12, 2013 at 01:27 AM
Mr. Fiorenzo, Let me go down the list. You know this isn’t true. You in no way voiced any "concern" to me regarding out of district students going to 228. Secondly, I had no knowledge that you had ever worked at any of our schools and still do not, except for your claim here that you did. If you recall my second to last post to you, I was attempting to educate someone who "assumes" the district turns a blind eye to people trying to illegally attend our schools. Would I do that to someone that works at the school? Any employee would know the great lengths and expense we go through in regards to background checks. Any employee would also be aware of the restrictions the States places on us in some cases. Why would I respond to you that if someone was aware of an out of district student that they should speak to the administration? Why would I state that the current administration is easier to speak to than some in the past? In regards to your so called "firing", I still have no knowledge of what you are talking about. I do not have the power to hire or fire anyone. As I said, I had no way of knowing you worked at our schools during our short exchange.
Deb Pahl Stearns January 12, 2013 at 01:28 AM
Cont. It was brought to my attention by your post here. I do not know the conditions of your employment, but I would prefer it if you didn't attribute any gain or loss of employment to me as that would be inaccurate. One would think that someone employed with the district is aware that the entire board of education votes on employment decisions. These matters are voted on during board meetings. I do not recall having voted in regards to your employment during our last meeting in December, which takes place prior to the 2 or 3 exchanges we had and I have not been informed of any employees that have been placed on paid leave pending the board voting to take action for the next meeting, which is the usual practice. In regards to your statement that I am “what is wrong with the education system”, I appreciate you giving me that much credit, but it makes me wonder again if you were employed with the district because there are many teachers, administrators, students and parents that would have a different opinion.
willis January 27, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Why is it Ms. Stearns that under your leadership the District Office has become so clickish? Why is it that some Principals who work in a building that ends in Park do not have to attend board meetings on a regular basis (check the minutes which will support my point) as she is tight with Dr. Kendall or Tom O'Malley. Under your leadership our District has gone from caring and nurturing our employees to making people feel they are replaceable at any moment. Dr. Kendall stated in an open meeting that Dr. Williams and Mr. O'Malley are the only superstars in the district-sure a great way to motivate the minions....There is so much more backroom deals with these individuals than with Dr. Mitchell. Dr. Kendall is an extremely condasending to the work horses of the district- Funny while his salary does not go up that is listed on the web site how come under additional information that $$ has sky-rocketed. The teacher acquiesce during negotiations- how come the administrators still get raises, still get free benefits? $ 1,000,000 for Dr. Kendall for exactly what? What programs has he implemented or revised that were his own idea? He is able to steal ideas from other individual schools, but with a milliondollar salary shouldn't we get more?


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