D230 to Borrow More Than $7 Million for Fire Alarms, HVAC Upgrades

Amidst growing pension funding concerns, school district officials approved a motion last week to borrow $7.1 million in bonds. Interest rates are low, they said.

Officials in are opting to borrow more than $7 million to pay for upgrades to schools' fire alarms, tennis courts and heating and air conditioning systems.

The board voted 3-1 in favor of the selling $7.1 million in general obligation bonds last week, according to Triblocal. The publication reports that school board member Carol Baker was the lone naysayer, board member Mike Hastings abstained and board president Frank Grabowski was absent.

Baker said she was reluctant to support the motion amidst concerns about pension funding, Triblocal says.

“I would have liked us to have waited a little bit longer to find out from Springfield what was going to happen,” Baker said, in the story. “If the state burdens the school district with the pension, we’ll have to pass it on to the taxpayers. Until we know more, I’m hesitant to approve anything that would cost our taxpayers any more.”


The money will help overhaul fire alarm systems at Stagg and schools as well as HVAC units in gymnasiums at all three high schools—. Parking lot and tennis court repairs are also in the works.

For the full report, check out Triblocal.

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