Lincoln-Way Supt. Lawrence Wyllie Announces Retirement

Superintendent Larry Wyllie has been at the helm of Lincoln-Way High School District 210 for 24 years. He's helped shape a generation of students.

Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Superintendent Larry Wyllie, who announced his retirement at the Thursday Board of Education meeting, has helped shape a generation of students in the 105-square miles of the district. His retirement is effective June 28, 2013.

A man well respected by his professional colleagues—administrators, teachers and staff—he relinquishes the reins over a district that grew exponentially since his arrival. The district has grown from one building in New Lenox to four. Each of the Lincoln-Way High Schools—LW Central in New Lenox, LW East in Frankfort, LW North in Frankfort and LW West in New Lenox—will forever benefit from the mark he's left on the community as a whole.

Wyllie's replacement, . Tingley's replacement is Sharon Michalak, who currently serves as assistant superintendent of curriculum.

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Working hard to hold back emotion, Wyllie said, "It has been a great run and I am most appreciative of having been given the opportunity to be your superintendent for the past 24 years."

The man who came to Lincoln-Way from York Township High School in 1989 has earned the respect of the municipalities as well as the business community. Mostly though, he's attracted the support of the parents and students in the communities.

“It is impossible to overstate the positive impact that Dr. Wyllie has had on our students, our faculty and staff, our schools, and the communities and citizens that Lincoln-Way serves,” said Dr. Arvid C. Johnson, board president. “The Board of Education wishes Larry and his wife, Marilyn, all the best in this next phase of their lives together.”

Tonight the school board also accepted the resignation of Tom Eddy, deputy superintendent, who has served the district for 37 years.  

Wyllie has been an educator for the past 54 years. 

Wyllie is the fourth and longest serving superintendent in the history of District 210. Previous superintendents serving Lincoln-Way High School District 210 were: Hunter Chapman from 1952-1969; Joseph Kruzich from 1969-1977; and Lee F. Rosenquist from 1977-1988. 

Wyllie arrived at Lincoln-Way District 210 when the district had an enrollment of 2,807 students, a total of 97 square miles and one high school with two campuses. At the time, the Lincoln-Way Central campus in New Lenox housed freshmen and sophomores from New Lenox and Manhattan and all juniors and seniors from the three townships of Manhattan, New Lenox and Frankfort. The Lincoln-Way East campus in Frankfort housed freshmen and sophomores from Frankfort, Mokena, and unincorporated Frankfort Township.

The school district has grown over the last 24 years into a high school district with 7,400 students, 105 square miles and four, four-year high schools.

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210's four high schools are ranked in the top 9.8 percent in the state of Illinois based on the Prairie State Achievement Exam. Students district-wide have earned an ACT composite score of 23, and the district has one of the five lowest per pupil expenditures in the six-county Chicago metro area, according to a school district press release.

In the past two years, District 210 was recognized with a National Advanced Placement Award and by Newsweek magazine as a “Top 500 School” in the nation.

FPPD March 13, 2013 at 06:14 PM
Who cares pay the administrators more. Those poor souls can’t live on 4k a week plus 3.5k retirement a week pension...can't we start paying them at least a million
Todays Person March 17, 2013 at 10:01 PM
cmc, you clearly are a hater; have a disdain for the folks at LW. And you have your opinion and right to feel as such; maybe you should move to a different district if you think LW area schools/people are so off the mark. There is NO perfect person, no perfect plan, no perfect school. Quit gripping. Get a life. Get a grip. Get happy. I am very proud to say I came from this district. Flaws and all. When I graduated, LW was one of the bottom schools in Illinois-- and the Midwest if my memory serves me correctly. Dr. Wyllie brought it around - and improved the school by leaps and bounds. And here is a big, huge surprise for everyone: there will always be really intelligent people who excel in school. There will be average students and there will be students with challenges. Can there be improvements - of course! DAH! But, if the districts strive to do better - year after year - focusing on the WHOLE, which is the average sum of all, and then EXPECT PARENTS TO PLAY A PIVOTAL PART in THEIR OWN CHILD'S academics, MAYBE all the crap comments that are being thrown around like a bunch of bored old gossiping ladies, will stop! Hmmm.. that's a thought! ~~ I wish Dr. W, a well deserved retirement - he was not a lazy man, he has insight and wisdom - and I hope the very best for him in the next season in his life!
cmc March 18, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Todays Person - I am not a hater at all. Nothing is perfect. Life has been very good to me. Unfortunately, moving wasn't an option - we were stuck here through this comedy of errors. You might be interested to know the District has acknowledged many of the things I brought up and staff now welcomes my input on how to improve things in the future. I am not bored - I am not gossiping - I am not old. I am looking out for the interest of all children in this district and I expect all staff members to do the same. As a TEAM, which is what we should be, we can accomplish much good. My work has paid off. What I've done - and what I have commented on, has gone a long way toward opening the eyes of many people and getting them to see there are many areas needing improvement in this school system. Kudos to you for making it through this district and being happy with the outcome. You know what you received, but you have no way of knowing what your peers received as far as the quality of the education to meet their specific needs. I, on the other hand, have proof in hand and it has been reviewed by school staff and we have worked together to make changes. Real Talk: No, I don't know the man - nor do I want to. I am not a former student - and I have never been robbed of anything in life. My disrespect is the result of personal interactions with both of them. Everything I've written has substantial backing and I welcome the new blood to #122. Happy Easter :)
Alex Hamilton March 18, 2013 at 02:07 PM
has anyone heard the rumor that he has been hired to be a consultant for $180k per year?
cmc March 18, 2013 at 05:26 PM
yes, I heard that rumor this weekend. while it's a rumor - it's likely he's will be getting some type of high paying consulting position. if it's within this district it would be incredibly wrong. but, when we have a mayor making $100k+ a year as super of Union School district with only 110 (approximate) students - why would we expect anything different in this area?


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