Lincoln-Way Students Start Online Petitions to Keep JROTC Program

Students and parents are standing up for JROTC—a program they say has made a major difference in their lives.

Linoln-way District 210 students and alumni want to keep their JROTC program—and they're willing to fight for it. 

Students are circulating an online petition for the program, which is destined for elimination due to increased district- and state-wide budgetary woes. 

ROTC is a program that teaches students discipline, leadership, responsibility, respect, character building, problem solving and other useful traits the students will actually be able to utilize in their adult lives, reads a statement on the petition.

"Something need to be done since this is such a great program for our students," as seen on the statement. 

second petition has been started on Change.org

This program has saved lives of cadets of the Lincoln-Way comminuty highschool since 1996. Lives of depressed teenagers, kids with troubled home lives, and the non-accepted teens were legitimately pulled out of the darkness that surrounded them with the help of caring and loving instructors and fellow ROTC cadets. Students are not ready to lose the program that has made such an impact on them, the petition reads.

"We're trying to find expenditures (to cut) that will be least disruptive (to the district," said Community Relations Director Stacy Holland. 

The 403 students districtwide currently participating will be allowed to stay in through graduation—incoming members of the class of 2018 will not be allowed to enroll. 

Find out more about why the program will be cut from District 210.


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