LWHS D210 Hires Teachers for Next Year

The Lincoln-Way Board of Education voted to hire teachers and reported on tax disbursements.

The Lincoln-Way High School Board of Education hired nine new teachers and an aquatics assistant supervisor for LW-North High School at the regular meeting May 23 at 21701 Gougar Road. 

Deputy Supt. Thomas Eddy selected new teaching staff to cover a variety of subject areas.

New Hires:

  • Holly Way—World Language Instructor for L-W East
  • Nicholas Walker, Special Services Instructor for L-W Central
  • Caitlin Niemczyk—Special Services Instructor for L-W Central
  • Ewa Tulak—English Instructor for L-W Central
  • Michael Piechocinski—Special Services Instructor/Permanent Substitute for L-W West
  • Katherine Scwebe—World Language Instructor for L-W Central and L-W East
  • Ashley Paarlberg—Mathematics/Permanent Substitute for L-W West
  • Shane Tucker—Science Instructor for L-W Central

The district's new aquatics assistant supervisor is Lauren Hurley.

Financial updates

Supt. Lawrence Wyllie told board members that the district received $2.2 million in tax disbursements, bringing the total fund balance to $4.2 million. Before the month is out, he expects another $15-to-$18 million in tax disbursement payments from the office of Will County Treasurer Steve Weber. "It's a little better than last year," he added, but far less than it was before the economy took a nose dive in 2008.

In years past, Wyllie said he could remember ending the fiscal year with as much a $70 million fund balance. The district, like all others in the state, is operating on a budget that has seen a dramatic reduction in state funding.

In other business, the board approved an intergovernmental agreement with Union School District 81, Joliet, to take on transportation. Two buses will be used by District 81. It's a three-year contract that allows more hours for current staff, Asst. Supt. Ron Sawin. It's a small contract that requires no new buses, he added.

Scholarships applauded

Charla Brautigam, assistant community relations director, told the board that a total of 562 scholarships worth $352,000 have been awarded to graduating seniors at all four high schools.


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Tom Foolery May 25, 2013 at 03:55 AM
I see a lot of emotion, but not much concrete data to back your arguments up. I have a child who was so messed-up they gave us handicapped plates. I've sat through the therapy sessions. If you pay a little bit of attention instead of playing on your iphone in the parents room or sitting in your car, you can do what the pros do- and better. They give your kids like 3 hours of treatment. You can mimic that treatment 5 -8 hours/day. Many of these facilities are full of kids who have been handed crazy diagnosis that parents can't handle. It's glorified baby-sitting. The kids are special. big whoop. they need special attention. again, big whoop te do. Give them the attention they require instead of demanding someone else pay a 'specialist' to provide your kid with attention. Quit one job. Stay at home. Live in a smaller house * gasp* Don't drive a 2013 SUV ----double- *gasp* Stop making everything harder than it really is. quit the excuses and Just Do It. Like I said, I've been through it all. I speak from experience. My little retarded kid pitches Rebel baseball and is in advanced reading.
Bob BrandNew Kelsey May 25, 2013 at 04:02 AM
I have an IEP and I can thank my IEP instruction and teaching for propelling me into college, graduate school, and a career as a professional. Without a doubt, I am quite the contributor to our society, probably more than you will ever be. Furthermore, both my parents were in their twenties when I was conceived; therefore your assertions are indeed invalid about being some "40 year's experiment" , better clean that dirt off your face now. Learn to be more open-mined and less of a stereotypical jerk Tom, perhaps then you will realize the world for what it is.
NLMom May 25, 2013 at 05:09 AM
I do not believe for a minute Tom is a parent. If he were the parent of a special needs child he would not refer to them as a, "little retarded kid." He is enjoying upsetting all of the people on here who have compassion in their hearts. As for Eric, look up the meaning of to, two, and too. My child with an IEP knows the difference. Now you can rest assured your tax dollars are working well at educating them. A major part of the problem is administration and pensions draining the system. We have far too many administrators making far too much money. The problem isn't the special needs kids, it is too many administration and pension fingers in the pie. For the record Eric and Tom anyone can become special needs at anytime through an accident or stroke. Wouldn't you like to have compassionate people ready and willing to help you or your child if God forbid something bad happened and put you or your loved one in that special needs position?
Bob BrandNew Kelsey May 25, 2013 at 06:14 AM
Tom is clearly nothing more than a 17 year old troll in his mom's basement. No way on God's earth would any women respect this sad excuse for a man, even have a child with him. Ladies, would you want the father of your own children to be called "little retarted [children]"? I think not.
Eric Blair May 25, 2013 at 01:04 PM
Let it go people. Sorry I brought it up. Go out and enjoy the weekend.


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