Online Registration Coming to Bremen District 228

Bremen High School District 228 board of education approved a move to online registration for classes at its Jan. 15 meeting. The online process is expected to save thousands of dollars for the district and ease the process for students.

Parents of students and students registering for courses in Bremen High School District 228 are about to have a lot less paperwork to fill out and sort, thanks to a move by the district's board of education at its Jan. 15 meeting.

The board, which was without member Marc Turner, passed a measure to transfer all class registration to an electronic format, potentially saving the district thousands of dollars annually on paper mailings.

“The process will save the district considerable funds, by eliminating the annual mailing, as well the cost associated with providing workers for the walk-in registration dates,” said board member Evelyn Gleason.

The board's finance committee and Superintendent Bill Kendall recommended the district's move to online registration, with the transition and maintenance of such a move being handled by information system Infosnap.

Infosnap, a company founded in 2000, touts that it has more than 400 clients throughout the world and has handled more than one million online registration and admissions forms to date.

The recommended contract was for two years: the first year at a cost of $25,688, the second year, $17,500.

The original two-year proposal and costs would cover setup, annual service fees and Spanish setup as well, Gleason said.

The board approved a contract with infosnap for three years, one year longer than the proposal put before the board. The third year of the contract will cost the same as the second year of the contract, Gleason said.

“We went back and forth, negotiating with them to get that pricing down,” said Assistant Superintendent Tom O'Malley. “We're happy with the results and we're excited to move to this new format.”

O'Malley said that district schools typically mail out between 15 to 20 registration forms, reminders and other papers associated with registration in a given year. He said now those forms would be eliminated and that registration should be extended beyond a few days at the end of the school year.

“We could open this registration up in June and have it run through June, July and August,” O'Malley said. “So, a parent, at any time that's convenient for them could go online and register their child.”


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Elliot January 16, 2013 at 04:30 PM
Dear Evelyn Gleason, How does this improve our dismal scores in this district. At Bremen and Hillcrest we are not even meeting state averages. When will we see scores go up??? They last time I looked, Hillcrest was at 24% for meeting state averages, are you comfortable with this number ? What are you doing to fix it ? Also why is the board changing the Administrations contracts at this time, didn't we settle this matter over the summer. I wish you guys would focus on educating the kids, surely that is part of your charge as the longest sitting board member.
TaxPayer January 18, 2013 at 06:41 AM
Here is a good site to check out the latest data regarding the district. http://iirc.niu.edu/District.aspx?districtid=07016228016 All the scores seem to be trending down. school /sko͞ol/ Noun An institution for educating children. Can we get back to the business of educating every kid in D228. Vote Larry Canning for 228!


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