Prom? Cakes, Chalk and YouTube Videos Among Creative Ways Tinley Teens Popped the Question

Victor J. Andrew High School senior Austin Gomez rounds up some of the clever ways his classmates asked their dates to prom. Austin will be charting his own path to prom on Patch.

In middle school, asking a girl to the eighth-grade dance proved itself to be the epitome of awkwardness for a guy. In high school, however, asking a date to homecoming or turnabout isn't nearly as harrowing. Come the time when most teenagers come out of their shells, the ideas behind asking as a date for prom become much more inventive and less panic-attack inducing.

Now that prom is rearing its head around the corner, it's time to up the ante on ways to ask. Simplicity may have been a virtue for any of the previous dances, but several students at seniors at have already chosen to ask their dates in extravagantly original ways for prom:

  • Senior Kyle Duckworth, 17, asked his girlfriend Kayla Smith, 19, during spring break by hanging balloons and other festive decorations to her gutters all around her house upon her return from vacation in Mexico.
  • Senior Kevin Hendzel, 18, asked his girlfriend Lindsay O'Keefe, 18, during her surprise birthday party by unveiling a cake that read "Prom?" written in frosting. (Having an edible "question" is an extra 10 points in my book. However, that could just be because I am hungry at the moment.)
  •  Senior Tyler Cosme, 17, asked his friend Michelle Tramutola, 18, by having him and a few of his friends stand outside of Lifetime fitness with a large "Prom?" sign while one of Michelle's friends told her a homeless person was outside in order to direct her attention to the sign.
  • Senior Matt Nugent, 18, asked his girlfriend Liz Burke, 17, by decorating her room one day before she returned home.
  • Senior Brenden Broderick, 18, asked his friend Jackie Schwieger, 18, first attempting to ask over the morning announcements personally, but unfortunately was not able to. Instead, he came into her class with flowers while the announcement came on shortly after.
  •  Senior Patrick Mungovan, 18, asked his girlfriend Abby Ohl, 17, by awaiting for her at an airport as she arrived home from a vacation in Mexico, holding a sign that read "Abby Ohl…" on one side, and "Prom?" on the other. (And this was at 1 in the morning. That’s dedication.)
  • Senior Eric Szczesniewksi, 18, asked his friend Heather Hudzinksi, 17, by setting up a snack table in front of the door to her house while she was shopping, leading to a picture frame of the two of them, complimented with a Build-a-Bear and flowers.
  • Senior Jenn McLean's, 18, friend Mark Hansen, 17, asked her by writing on her driveway with chalk, and waited outside for her and her friends with flowers and a "Prom?" sign.

As for me, I decided that the greatest way to ask my girlfriend would be to attempt to embarrass her as much as possible. The result: A series of Youtube videos that I asked her English teacher to play on the projection screen during class, allowing for interactive responses with a “Yes!” tab and a “No.” tab.

There is obviously a ridiculous amount of ways to ask a date to prom, but it all comes down to which way is the best for the prospective date. Use the clever ideas listed not to piggy-back an idea, but for inspiration. Remember: Keep it original!

Note that although I have already asked my date to prom, I will remain open to people asking me through food. I won’t be able to say "yes," but I’ll certainly be polite enough not to allow your well-prepared dish to go to waste.

pankaj d singh April 11, 2011 at 01:16 PM
good looking nice
Paul Dailing April 11, 2011 at 05:07 PM
I got the codes for the school phone system and called a class I knew the girl was in and had the teacher put her on the phone.


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