VIDEO: D210 Working on Ways to Lower Cost of Teachers' Contract

Supt. Lawrence Wyllie discusses what the district is doing when it comes to negotiating a new agreement with teachers.

Beginning earlier this year,  Supt. Lawrence Wyllie has been sitting down with Patch for a series of video Q&As about the district with some of the questions provided by readers.

In today's segment, Wyllie answers this reader question: Do you and the board have a comprehensive strategy to deal with the teachers union's unsustainable labor agreement without added tax and fee increases?


Tomorrow, the superintendent continues answering questions about the teachers' contract, discussing the pension plan and other benefits.

Want to catch up on Wyllie's other video interviews? Check out the Q&A topic page or watch the videos concerning these specific questions:

Dan April 04, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Here we go----It is nice to see and hear from the lead administrator who I hope along with the board and school attorneys will be representing the best interest of the taxpayer and parents on this important issue. Let,s face it---the majority of the funding for education comes from all local taxpayers and parents thru taxes and fees. It it quite disturbing for many to look at the present negotiated contract language posted on the school districts website, especially the articles that apply to pension, sick/personal days. These language items do not look to be State mandates or law but only local language negotiated and eventually recommended by Dr. Wyllie and then final approval by the board that is unsustainable and many feel is nothing but pension padding. It is also not practiced or accepted in the private sector for obvious reasons. Healthcare contribution is another problem when compared to the private sector. It is understandable while negotiations are in progress to not share the discussions with taxpayers, parents and school employees(teachers) on the proposed language and cost , but hopefully this information will be eventually communicated along with how much it will cost the district taxpayers and parents prior to teacher vote ratification or notice to strike. The teachers union in not just negotiating with the board and administration they are also negotiating with every taxpayer and parent in the district who fund the majority of the labor agreement.
Mokena Mike April 05, 2012 at 02:43 AM
What night would you like the teachers to all come over so you can begin your personal negotiations with the union?


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