Technology and how it changes our society.

 This may sound revolting or crass to many!  The daily collective operation of any human society can be compared to operation of machinery. And not only in its routine operation, but in inspection cycles, in maintenance schedules, and in its retirement and eventual replacement – and usually not by the same, but by newer machinery of advanced or disruptive technology that is ever more efficient and complicated. In our sophisticated society, business has preplanned obsolescence built into many products as an added marketing force, but it resists disruption beyond any baby steps deliberately embedded to control repeat business. 


For example – right now, America could have automobiles that can get over 100 miles per gallon, but we are largely kept unaware of such potential. Why? Most likely this deferment is to avoid the costs of massive retooling of delivery systems in the power plants and also the fuel sources used to derive this result. Right now, one company in Florida claims ability to produce ethanol using algae, ocean seawater and solar panels for electric power in production – and do it for around $1 per gallon. Yes! – For $1! Why is this not being loudly promoted? Does not our Federal government, in seeking the greater good for its people, have a moral duty to accelerate having such alternative energy sources marketable to alleviate our economic doldrums? This company is not yet publicly owned; it is found at www.algenol.com !


Notice: the headline is in plurals.  Think about it – EVERY advance of mankind has one major cause: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY!  Old methods and tools are rendered irrelevant when a new way is cheaper, safer, quicker, or induces some other emotional creature comfort satisfaction.


There are two important points about us and the machines that we create and control - that are said to be here to enrich our lives, and not to enslave us. These are:


1/ Machines do not yet possess motivations to act nor have creative and imaginative intelligence, to envision the next generation of machines that will replace them.

2/ Men in power often willfully suppress and withhold the creative genius of others deliberately, to maintain control and impede obsolescence of their own systems. 


When creative genius prevails and flourishes in hugely profitable acceptance, it all too often degenerates into selfish perpetuation as the new status quo, due to the insipid profit motive, which must NOT be permitted to become the only [or even the primary] driving force in modern society.  Artificial bottlenecks of contrived and preplanned obsolescence are erected to satisfy a fantasy expectation of maintaining perpetually compounded profit growth rates. Such expectations without any set-backs and redesign are naïve and fallacious assumptions in any business plan or any government.


For society to be refreshed and dynamic and to remain purposeful and ever visionary, full expression of creative genius must not be withheld from the purview of the market. “Free Market” forces must be vigorously policed so that brilliance is not sequestered to protect mediocrity, reposed in power and control. Unbridled fascistic capitalism is an unholy wedded alliance and corruption of power between business and government. In theory, both should exist to serve humanity and not vice-versa.  We cannot permit a return of feudal serfdom – this time with mankind enslaved to corporations rather than to kings and other “nobility” - at the same time, society must never condone unbridled hedonistic “Ayn Rand” reckless expression of self-determination.  


No matter how hard we try, we should remain humble as we stumble, and openly admit: THIS IS MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE.





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H Ron Hartman December 03, 2012 at 02:22 AM
@Butch - I am in #1 and not #2 - just went into #1 this time in decade redistricting - I wish I could say that Thom Hartmann is my nephew or cousin - I was a Federal savings bank examiner for most of my active career years and saw first hand what Reagan and Bush and Clinton all did to thereby make the S&L industry extinct (It is not a wonderful life as in Bailey Building & Loan - Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed et al) After 26 years in Orland Park, I am living now for 10 years in Will County portion of Tinley Park which starts south of 183rd and west of Harlem. For that time I was precluded by the Hatch Act as a Fed from getting into politics other than to vote.
BUTCH December 03, 2012 at 02:54 AM
The Keating 5 with the featured looter John McSlime whose daddy was the Naval Cmdr of the 6th fleet that covered up the attack on the liberty and gave the commission a week to come up with it's findings! U can tell far more relevant and interesting stories than my experiences with the GOP at the time very potent roaches from Bloom and Rich township and the Dem Party who sent a fraudulent Rhodes scholar Mel Reynolds to congress then set him up to give the seat to JJJ it was the final piece of the conspiracy to rid congress of Gus Savage and replace him with another minister's son and also a reverend. Glad to make your acquaintance on the web!
H Ron Hartman December 03, 2012 at 07:34 AM
Just got this today from a former co-worker - http://www.salon.com/2012/12/02/better_than_bourne_who_really_killed_nick_deak/?source=newsletter YES I and some of my old buddies know much about the Keating 5 and I wrote the final exam report that closed First American of OakBrook whose CEO/Pres was ex-Gov. Dan Walker who later served time for bank fraud.
BUTCH December 03, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Thanks much I can relate to this story in many ways, can u imagine Twit and Net had the Triad paymaster as their #1 fund raiser and adviser, not to mention his Salvador original partners in Bain.
BUTCH December 03, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Who could make that Trilogy? Mel Gibson if he got Randall Wallace to write it and was not a wing nut!


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