Austin Gomez
Living his entire life in Tinley Park, Austin is currently a senior at Victor J. Andrew High School who is avidly involved with any sort of writing, from creative pieces to journalism. He normally does not talk in the third person in real life.
Austin is the Editorial Editor for Andrew's own newspaper, The Circuit, so he naturally takes a keen interest in analyzing all sorts of different topics as well as expressing his own views. However, when writing articles, Austin is also more than inclined to report on a variety of other subjects as well. Other types of writing that Austin enjoys creating are short stories, essays, lyrics, satires and poetry. Aside from writing, Austin also is a music enthusiast as well as a film fanatic. In addition to creating music on the side, Austin sports a broad taste in music, from alternative metal to indie rock or from  alternative hip-hop to psychedelic noise rock . On the movie front, Austin enjoys filming comedic skits as well as short films. His favorite films range from gripping dramas to stylized surrealist movies. This coming fall, he will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study English and film.
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